Masu Shushi & Robata: Restaurant Review

Masu Sushi takes out any doubts for quality, vegan-friendly Japanese food. 

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Have you ever attempted to make your own vegan “sushi” or rolls? I make them at home from time-to-time with sheets of nori seaweed, sushi rice, tofu, carrots, cucumbers, and the best ingredient – avocado! The avocado makes it really creamy and delicious. It's quite enjoyable to make these delicious bites but I must admit, I don't have the best creativity on developing a flavorful profile for these veggie rolls. 

That's where I turn to the experts of Japanese cuisine. 

My husband and I have tried many sushi places and for the most part, many have vegan-friendly options such as, avocado roll, cucumber roll or other veggie roll. So when we discovered that Masu Sushi has an actual vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu with plenty of options to choose from, boy did we get excited! We decided to make that night a date night and go out and enjoy a delicious vegan meal.  

With three locations in the Twin Cities - Northeast Minneapolis, Mall of America, Apple Valley -Masu Sushi has a lot to offer for foodies. We went to the Northeast Minneapolis location. There isn’t a designated parking lot for this restaurant but there’s plenty of street, metered parking in the area. When we arrived, they sat us down at a table and provided us with their main menu and some water. We inquired about their vegan menu to our server and kindly brought this to us. So, of note, request for the vegetarian/vegan menu when you request for a table with the hostess.

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We ordered some steamed edamame to start our meal. We love edamame as they are a good source of plant-protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and dietary fiber. They are the perfect appetizer at any Japanese restaurant!

We also ordered the Veggie Caterpillar and the Veggie Grasshoper rolls. They were so good!

The Veggie Grasshopper was my favorite because it had unique ingredients, preparation, and taste. The chefs did a great job in showcasing creativity and using a variety of seasonings, as this veggie roll had some crushed wasabi peas on top and was finished with a delicious chili sauce. This is one I highly recommend!

What I enjoyed the most out of these two veggie rolls is that they were completely different from the typical veggie rolls we are normally used to ordering at sushi restaurants. As a vegan, I feel that this is what I most appreciate about Masu Sushi in offering dishes that are fun, enjoyable, and artistic. 

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Veggie Grasshopper and Veggie Caterpillar Roll - Masu Sushi in NE Minneapolis

Veggie Grasshopper and Veggie Caterpillar Roll - Masu Sushi in NE Minneapolis

By the end of our meal, my taste buds were craving for more. They simply didn't want to leave behind something so incredibly good but my hunger cues told me that ordering another roll would not be wise as I was getting satiated. I can’t wait to go back again and order the Veggie Grasshopper roll, in addition to other vegan items to try out. 

It’s so exciting to know that this sushi restaurant not only caters to vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free individuals but that it is located in a city that is embracing such a growing cuisine.

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