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Are you looking into raising your children on a vegan diet but just don’t know where to start?

I help vegan parents feel empowered and confident in feeding a vegan diet to their children. My coaching program provides you with the tools and support to appropriately plant healthy vegan meals for your little vegans.

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My coaching program is designed to give you the right tools and support that fits your current lifestyle so that you can create balanced and healthy vegan meals for your entire family.

I teach vegan parents the key nutrients children need to grow and develop properly on a vegan diet, what plant foods provide these key nutrients, my simple framework for creating healthy meals, and practical meal ideas that meet the nutrient needs of your children.


My 3-month Coaching Program includes the following:

6 virtual coaching sessions (2 per month that can run up to 60-minutes)

Each call is held over Zoom video where we can chat face-to-face. Because all calls are virtual, this allows me to help you no matter where you are located!

Weekly check-ins

I check in with you in between our sessions to see how things are going with the goals we discussed. I give you personalized support and guidance for you to confidently feed your children knowing they are meeting their nutrient needs

Support and Accountability

The best part about us working together is that I am there to support you in your vegan journey every step of the way. If you feel stuck or have barriers to feeding your children, I can share practical meal ideas that can help you successfully meal plan for your family.

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