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I believe that all foods fit into our daily dietary pattern without restrictions.

Eating is much more than a social activity. It involves food that we intake to not only nourish our body but also satisfy our taste buds. My philosophy starts by nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods that is also satisfying in flavor. In my private practice, it is my goal to educate my clients that delicious, comfort food can be nutritious and be part of any lifestyle. 

I work with clients to ease them into a way of eating that best fits their nutritional and wellness goals through a non-diet approach. I focus more on finding strategies that facilitate behavioral change to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. We don’t focus on ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ foods, we don’t focus on counting calories, and we don’t focus on weight. Instead, we focus on building a plan that includes attainable goals and foods that you enjoy. There is no reason why you should give up the foods you like most to lead to your healthiest and happiest self.

Nutrition is not a one-size-fit-all. Each person is different which is why I take pride in getting to know you, your goals, and your concerns to develop an individualized plan. Although I may be vegan myself, I do not pass my personal dietary pattern to my clients. If a client desires to learn more about adopting a plant-based lifestyle or guidance on more plant foods, I would be honored to guide them.   

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